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the best CRM for study abroad management.

Based on more than ten years of experience developing a study abroad work system,
we have standardized and managed study abroad work by reflecting the ideas of many users.
From small businesses to complex franchise businesses, you can quickly and easily introduce an IT system and use it for sales.

Why CloudStudyAbroad

Standardized and optimized
for handling study abroad tasks.

If you want to provide the same high-quality service to all of your clients,
or if you want your staff to manage clients quickly and easily, the fastest way is
to use the CloudStudyAbroad, which is optimized and standardized for handling study abroad tasks.

The Best Work Management

Modules in CloudStudyAbroad enable sales teams to optimize, control, and monitor most of the works done by the company into one system( for example CRM, School Application Management, Invoice Management, Fee collection, and Payment Management, Sales Management, Social media analysis, etc).

Engine for Business Expansion

CloudStudyAbroad is helping a company bring offline-based works into online environments and manage their works without the time and spatial constraints. Most of the works to be done in a standardized system and could save time, manpower, and expenses through a hugely improved online work and management process. With this, a company could be able to expand its business.

CloudStudyAbroad provides management modules - Management of your customers(CRM), Estimate Management, Admission Center for admission application management, Invoice Management, and Partner Management, etc.- for your study abroad business.
Also, It is no necessary additional equipment or an IT team because you can directly operate your works through the admin console.

CloudStudyAbroad Scenarios


Customer Data Platform

The Needs Management

Promotions Management

Quote Management

Application Management

Slip Management

Invoice Management


Admission Center

"Admissions Center" can be used more efficiently if you run a partner or franchise business.The application form sent from each branch office is received and processed in batches, and you can monitor the real-time progress with the salesperson through each status management.


Commission Invoice Management

Commission Invoice management is managed all issued, outstanding commission invoices, the commission received, and commission to be paid to the sales team, franchisees, or Channel partners. Also pushing notice of overdue to admin for overdue unpaid commission.


Partner Management

The company's partner manager creates a partner account and manages permissions to use the partner system. Partner management helps partners to use the same system as the company for efficient business processing and more partner management.
The sales management system (SFA) provided to each partner is connected to the Admission Center so that you can check the progress of your application for admission in real-time, and you can computerize each partner's sales management, invoice management, and cost management.

About OnlineInclude

We are a team of passionate, and innovative with 10+ years of experience in the field of CRM for study abroad business.
We are on the promise our solution to be developed based on these experiences will help you drive your sales results.
Your feedback gives direction to our work and your support motivates us.
Go ahead and start building your own CRM system and drive success with the CloudStudyAbroad.
We are dedicated to offering you the best technical support on a 24/7 basis, 365 days a year.

Our Vision

Our vision is to do its best to continuously strengthen its role as a leading platform company for study abroad business solutions.

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